Sam King

Computer Science @ UC Davis

Overview information

My research focus is on technology to manage Type 1 Diabetes. Managing Type 1 Diabetes is hard, and I believe that novel software and AI can help make it easier. This research area is relatively new for me, and I'll post more details here soon.

I spent nearly seven years in industry with two of them as the Head of Accounts at Twitter and two as Head of Fraud and Identity at Lyft, and 2.5 as the Head of Fraud and ML at Stripe, but now I'm back in academia at UC Davis. If you're interested, I wrote a blog post that talks about some of the lessons learned from my time in industry. I also wrote a blog post about why I moved from academia to industry and back.

Previously I worked on digital identities, fraud, fake accounts, and computer security broadly speaking. My Research page shows a nice summary of some of my past projects, and my Publications page shows a full list of my publications.

You can reach me via email (